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Employee Engagement

Employees play a critical role in bringing a company’s vision, mission and values to life. FTI Consulting partners with clients to blend the science of engagement – including human resources, people and leadership practices – with the art of communications to deliver a harmonized employee experience in support of organizational objectives.

Our approach is to make a rigorous assessment of all key stakeholders across an organization to design internal communications programs with the appropriate mix of tools, techniques, and traditional, digital and creative communications channels.

FTI Consulting’s solutions for engaging employees include:

  • Internal Communications & Engagement Program Design
    Creation of a strategic program to establish the right mix and cadence of leadership communications and engagement experiences for employees
  • Internal Digital & Social Media
    Determination of cost-effective, interactive channels and design of content to enable dynamic engagement and collaboration
  • Employee Value Proposition & Human Resources Analytics
    Identification of motivating factors and metrics that will enable an organization to make strategic choices to increase people attraction, retention, satisfaction and engagement
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