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Change Communications

Companies often adapt their organizational structures and operating strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Such change requires planning, expertise and targeted communications to ensure employees remain informed, focused and engaged throughout the process. FTI Consulting partners with clients to enable organizational change by taking an “outside in” and “inside out” approach that aligns stakeholder insights with organizational needs. We deliver customized and strategic change and engagement programs that build on a company’s history, culture and brand to credibly and creatively involve key stakeholders.

FTI Consulting’s solutions for enabling change include:

  • Leadership Positioning, Alignment & Mobilization
    Development and implementation of strategies and plans to facilitate leadership support for pending changes and to activate visible sponsorship
  • Change Risk Identification & Planning
    Mapping of change impacts and design of targeted interventions to prepare employees to operate in the future state
  • Change Communications Strategy & Planning
    Design and implementation of strategies to creatively address employees’ critical-information needs during times of change
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