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The private equity industry currently enjoys an unprecedented opportunity to leverage rapid globalization and a period of strong corporate liquidity. At the same time, the past several years of economic and business volatility have resulted in an increasingly complex business landscape, including new legal and regulatory challenges. As a result, private equity firms are experiencing longer hold times for portfolio companies, and an altered market for acquisition and divestitures. In addition, the limited partner community desires additional transparency and comfort around the private equity firms in which they invest.

FTI Consulting professionals work closely with some of the most dynamic companies in the private equity industry, helping them anticipate and effectively navigate through these challenges. Private Equity experts at FTI Consulting help clients to minimize risks in all phases of the private equity transaction and maximize future deal returns.  FTI Consulting offers critical services that add value to each phase of the transaction, from the early stages of due diligence through portfolio company transitional periods and through portfolio performance management and, ultimately, divestiture.


Private equity professionals at FTI Consulting work across the globe — whether the deal is in a G-8 nation, BRIC country or beyond — and deliver depth and diversity of expertise and years of practical experience.  Our team members include former chief executives and senior managers who offer strategy and execution perspectives, as well as highly specialized experts in areas such as financial and accounting due diligence; intellectual property; corporate investigation; corporate finance; forensic accounting; and strategic communications.  FTI Consulting holds market leadership positions in many of these services and is able to respond to specific needs at each state of the private equity transaction.

Our Service Offerings

Target Firm Search

FTI Consulting will partner with you to add value in the critical pre-deal target firm assessment stage, where in-depth knowledge of industry trends is critical.  We put our contact base to work to help you open doors.

Due Diligence

Our services to enhance understanding of target companies and portfolio company business potential include:

Building Portfolio Company Value

FTI Consulting provides key planning, process management and implementation expertise, including the services of globally recognized turnaround professionals, to grow the business and improve portfolio company profitability:

  • Interim Management
  • Performance and process improvement analysis/execution
  • Reputation and brand management
  • Strategy consulting

Successful Deal Completion & Beyond

FTI Consulting will seek creative strategies and provides process management for successful divestiture:

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