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Kajen Subramoney

Kajen Subramoney

  • Managing Director
  • Technology
  • T: +971 4 437 2155
  • M: +971 4 437 2155
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Kajen Subramoney is a Managing Director at FTI Consulting and is based in Dubai, UAE. Kajen is considered an expert in the use of technology in forensic investigations. This includes Forensic Data Analysis, Digital Evidence Recovery, E-Discovery and Cyber Investigation.

The key driver in Kajen’s work involves entering an unknown client environment, exploring and exploiting whatever data may exist throughout that environment and performing a data-driven investigation to provide strategic and investigative intelligence to senior decision makers.

Over the past 16 years, Kajen has conducted investigations both locally and abroad using technology to drive a traditional investigative process where technology provided deeper insight into the issues and allegations within a generally shorter time frame. Kajen’s techniques are equally valuable in the investigation of more traditional frauds, such as invoice manipulation, as they are in the modern cyber-frauds that we face every day.

With regards to the specific nature of the work, Kajen specialises in advising clients on fraud and misconduct investigations and the use of technology in such investigations. These investigations have been in various sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, telecoms, government, transport and social welfare. The issues addressed included, among others, cyber-fraud, anti-money laundering, transaction risk scoring, the misuse and mismanagement of public funds, theft of intellectual property and fraudulent invoicing and billing schemes. In assisting clients with solutions to these issues, Kajen has applied the techniques of traditional investigation such as interviewing and document examination as well as more modern techniques such as data analysis, data visualisation, cyber investigation, digital evidence recovery and electronic discovery.

Kajen has conducted investigative work across various business departments including finance, procurement, human resources and payroll and sectors such as financial services, mining and government.

Kajen holds a B.Sc., in Computer Science and Information Systems from UNISA, South Africa. He is a full member of the South African Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners and an associate member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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