OAS Monitoring Reports

January 16, 2018

As Monitoring Agent defined in the clause 8th of the Judicial Reorganization Plan of the OAS Group, FTI Consulting presents its Monitoring Reports addressed to Creditors listed in the Judicial Reorganization Plan¹. The documents are available in the OAS Web site, together with the instructions to obtain access to the Reports for users without access to the investor Relations website (“IR”). For users with access to the IR, the Report is available through that section.

1) The information contained in this initial report was prepared based on financial and operational information obtained by FTI Consultoria Ltda. from OAS, its subsidiaries undergoing judicial reorganization, also encompassing the other companies of the group. The OAS Group has stated to FTI that it is unaware of any fact that makes the information provided by OAS Group to FTI incomplete or misleading.

This report, dated May 18, 2016, is addressed to the Creditors listed in the Plan, as defined in the Court-Supervised Reorganization Plan approved on January 27, 2016. The Report does not change and/or supersede any definitions and/or clauses of the Plan, which should be read together with this Report for the proper interpretation of the topics addressed herein.

The recipients of this Report agree that, upon receipt of this report, they will not copy or disclose any content thereof to third parties without the express consent of OAS and FTI.

The observations of FTI presented in this report are the result of an analysis based on information provided by OAS. The scope of FTI did not include any kind of audit, assessment, testing, compilation or review of any financial statements (or any components thereof) or internal controls of OAS. If the scope of FTI had included such procedures, we might have obtained different conclusions. The Management of OAS is responsible for any and all financial information that has been provided to FTI. Moreover, the work of FTI does not include a detailed review of transactions, and therefore cannot identify irregularities or illegal acts, including fraud.

According to public information available, there are lawsuits and investigations involving the OAS Companies, its shareholders and managers, such as the “Operação Lava-jato” (Car Wash Operation). The potential effects, developments, consequences, contingencies and/or penalties resulting from this and any other investigation and/or lawsuits are not part of the scope defined for the Monitoring Agent and therefore, FTI does not express opinion on these matters. Also, this report does not include OAS management view or position on the subject.

Accordingly, FTI cannot and does not express any opinion or any other form of warranty on the Company’s financial information or internal controls, and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of financial data, forecasts and historical information.

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