The Future of South Africa

An Economy Poised for Growth

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April 17, 2019

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South Africa faces a watershed moment. Against the backdrop of political uncertainty, subdued economic growth and major challenges such as unemployment and an energy crisis, our country faces a choice. This choice - between a high road to sustainable growth and prosperity or a low road to slow economic erosion – will determine the future of South Africa for generations to come.

FTI Consulting’s ‘The Future of South Africa’ report explores the emerging trends in the South African economic and business landscape as we head towards this critical juncture.

The aim of the report is to provide insight into whether the mixed mood prevailing across sectors in our economy is one based primarily on emotional and subjective factors, or on objective information and hard data.

We have combined our expertise in economics, public policy, corporate finance and strategic communications to provide an independent assessment of the state of the South African economy. In addition to this we have engaged with some business leaders for their perspectives. They provide an interesting range of views of what is required for the success of South Africa post-election 2019 and beyond.

The report demonstrates that there is a gut feeling amongst many businesses that the stakes are high. Yet, in true South African spirit, there remains a sense of determined optimism. Finding solutions to South Africa’s challenges will require compromise and a meeting of minds between public and private sector players.

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