ASX 100: Socialising Financial Results #1

FTI Consulting research shows social media is gaining early stage acceptance by ASX 100 companies reporting financial results.

Strategic Communications

September 4, 2015

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In the latest sign that social media is gaining early stage acceptance in the Australian financial markets, FTI Consulting’s research shows that in the August financial results season, 35 companies in the ASX100 used Twitter as part of their communications strategies to publish their results.

FTI Consulting found that of the 91 companies that recently reported full year or half year results, 58 have a Twitter account and 35 tweeted on results day.

ASX100 companies posted 146 tweets related to financial reporting over the latest results season. These tweets provided an additional channel to amplify the company narrative with some helping to defend results that failed to meet expectations.

The content, techniques and the number of tweets that companies shared on results day varied greatly. These included:

  • Seven companies tweeted 10 times or more on their results day
  • The GPT Group tweeted 20 times using a variety of techniques including quotes from their CEO, CFO and CIO
  • Telstra posted 17 tweets and Wesfamers 13
  • Twelve companies posted just once
  • On a sector basis, energy and resources led the way

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