Think You Know Who’s Most Impacted by Gender Issues in Your Workplace?


Awareness of the #MeToo movement has grown so great recently that you might assume your workplace has become immune from potential issues. Check your perceptions with this quick quiz based on FTI Consulting’s #MeToo at Work survey.

There’s no doubt the #MeToo movement is changing attitudes for the better. But we are far from being out of the woods when it comes to the impact of gender issues on people and business today.

The reality is that incidents of sexual misconduct and harassment in the workplace still occur in substantial numbers. These not only affect the careers and lives of individuals, but soon could have an effect on corporate revenue through reputational harm and recruiting difficulties.

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To learn more about workplace behavior and attitudes in the #MeToo era, FTI Consulting, in collaboration with Mine The Gap (an organization that works to foster gender-inclusive environments), conducted a comprehensive survey of more than 5,700 professionals last year. A total of 4,764 women — with an additional sample of 1,030 men — from the technology, finance, legal, energy and healthcare industries, were asked their opinions on a variety of gender-related workplace issues.

The results showed how far we’ve come — and how far we have to go. Over the past five years, for instance, 38% of professional women have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment or misconduct in the workplace. Yet reporting the behavior lagged. Only 57% spoke up, meaning that 4 in 10 women (43%) chose to remain mum. About 3 in 10 professional men, on the other hand, did not report.

The top reasons both groups gave for not reporting? Concern for negative career impact or being viewed as “difficult” and fear of retribution.

Clearly, there remains much to do to destigmatize reporting of gender issues in the workplace and encourage coming forward. One way to address this challenge is to promote greater awareness.

How aware are you about the realities of workplace sexual misconduct and harassment? Try your hand at the six quiz questions based on survey data that follow to see if you can identify common misconceptions. The answers may surprise you.

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