Relativity E-discovery Software


November 20, 2020

Our expert E-discovery services, when combined with the Relativity E-discovery Software platform, can provide corporations, law firms and government agencies with a cost effective and defensible solution for meeting their legal, regulatory and investigative needs.

A single web-based platform, Relativity, serves as a review, analysis and production workhorse. It provides flexible and automated workflow capabilities, text analytics and computer-assisted review, visual data analysis tools, and integrated productions. The software is easy to use and scales to meet the demands of the largest matters, with cases as large as 90 million records hosted in Relativity.

Combining the familiar Relativity interface with the expertise of our consultants helps legal teams uncover matter insights quickly, and simultaneously reduce the total cost of E-discovery. Organisations rely on us to expose fraud, maintain regulatory compliance, reduce legal and IT costs, protect sensitive material, quickly find facts and harness organisational data to create business value.

Innovative technology, expert services and tenacious problem-solving, provides our global clients with defensible and repeatable solutions.

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