Development of Road Transport Infrastructure Rocketing in LNG Importing Countries

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July 26, 2019

gas tank truck

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) engaged FTI Consulting to assess the development of small scale LNG infrastructure across Europe.

Building on GIE’s existing research as of June 2016, FTI Consulting conducted desktop research to assess the various operational, under construction or planned small scale LNG projects as of November 2017. Key findings: Small scale LNG infrastructure is heavily dependent on the proximity of large scale LNG import terminals1. As of November 2017, 75% of operational small scale LNG infrastructures were located in countries that have large scale regasification terminals, mainly in Western Europe.

France, Italy, Spain and the UK have been driving the growth in small scale LNG infrastructure, increasing the number of their operational facilities by 133% over 2016-2017. This concentration in Western Europe is expected to continue: 65% of under construction or planned projects are located in countries with large scale import terminals. This is further corroborated by the absence of development of facilities that could liquefy natural gas from networks into LNG, confirming the large scale LNG import terminals as the key logistical springboard for small scale LNG. Among the different types of infrastructure, LNG fueling stations for trucks have witnessed the strongest growth over 2016-2017: both the number of operational stations as well as the number of under construction and planned stations have more than doubled to 167 and 71 respectively.

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