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Big Brothers Big Sisters

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January 27, 2021

A team of FTI Consulting professionals recently partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City to enhance the organization’s reporting capabilities and measurement of youth development.

Prioritizing community development following the difficult experiences of 2020

The past year has challenged businesses, communities, institutions and society itself in many unexpected ways. COVID-related hospitalizations soared, unemployment skyrocketed, businesses shuttered and schools suspended in-class learning across the nation. Alongside the pandemic and its economic fallout, a social justice movement shook the country and focused our attention on racial and economic inequities pervasive in our society — inequities that in many ways were exposed and exacerbated by the coronavirus. Yet if you want to find a silver lining amid the many dismal events of 2020, the year left many individuals and organizations asking what more they can do to have a positive societal impact and then take constructive action towards that goal.

At FTI Consulting, we identified an opportunity to drive such change by offering pro bono consulting services to non-profit organizations. In many ways, the consequences of the coronavirus, and the inequities we are confronted with today, are best addressed at the community level. In New York, City for example, the virus revealed the tenuous threads that the heavily service-based economy was reliant upon. In December, unemployment (Exhibit 1) remained nearly double the national average (11.4% vs. 6.7%).

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