Converting Venues into Healthcare Facilities in the Midst of COVID-19

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May 6, 2020

Hospital Beds

At a time when the news is dominated with uncertainty and distress, it is uplifting to see collaboration among federal, state, and local government, the private sector, and our health systems to overcome the current shortage of badly needed healthcare capacity – by working together to build new facilities or converting public or private venues into healthcare facilities.

While this sort of collaboration isn’t novel, the current crisis brings with it a level of urgency as well as regulatory and operational risks that relate to the manner in which new healthcare facilities are designed and built and the manner in which public or private venues are converted into healthcare facilities.

The regulatory standards and complexities that apply to healthcare facilities are very different than those which apply to private or public non-healthcare venues. Complicating matters further is the fact that these converted healthcare facilities will now need to engage with new political and regulatory stakeholders. Successfully navigating these complexities in the necessary expedited fashion increases the need to develop a pragmatic lens from which to evaluate them and then to work through them – with regard to both the construction and healthcare-specific aspects.

FTI Consulting’s Construction Solutions and Health Solutions practices support the effort to address the current shortage of healthcare capacity throughout the entire project lifecycle or by supporting specific stages within executive management, venue oversight and project management.

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